“The Splash LIVE” – October 27, 2023

Dayan Chaaban & Tyler Kieft talk about the latest events and news in the Greater West Bloomfield and Oakland County area with our Civic Center TV team, as well as with local news-makers! 

On today’s show, the Road Commission for Oakland County continues to make progress on th construction on Orchard Lake Road, and West Bloomfield Parks bids a bittersweet farewell to one of its recreation programmers.

Additionally, West Bloomfield Lakers varsity football continues their push for a state championship as they kick off playoff season tonight. We let you know the exclusive locations to watch and listen to the football games all throughout the playoff season.

Plus, the West Bloomfield School District undergoes a rebranding, we enjoy some tasty food with Sylvan Lake residents, and Spirit of Grace Church strives to help people in need of food and other essentials in our local community.

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